Volunteer Firefighting and the Church: Lessons to Learn

Great work, Jabe! This post is full of good words for the church!

Just Jabe

For the past two months I have been an active member of our community’s Volunteer Fire and Rescue. For the past few years, I have been publically singing the praises of the women and men who serve the community in this capacity. All of that praise singing finally caught up to me when someone asked the question, “Why don’t you join?” Why not? As it turns out, all of my assumptions about the hearts and lives of these volunteers were correct, or in some cases, even underestimated. The praises that they receive are warranted. They are that good. So good in fact, the church should seriously take some notes.

*It needs to be noted that any references to “the church” from here on out does not mean our local church at Faison UMC. In making my observations about volunteer firefighting and what “the church” can and should learn from that…

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