Who does the Father seek?

John 4:16-26

There are some things that are nice about being new to an area. You don’t know where you shouldn’t go. I was driving into Greeneville one afternoon and I decided to take a different route into town. Just past Burkey Road, I decided to take a left on Hartman Lane. Thanks to its connection with West Irish Street, I was supposed to end up on 70, or the Bypass. So, I drove through the area, at 25 MPH. Even the multiple curves and a few railroad crossings, I made it through unscathed.

Only later I learned that that area is known of its drug business. I didn’t know. There might even be a few other roads in this area where drug interactions happen. So, it sounds like I need to be cautious when I am out and about.

I wonder if similar warnings were given to Jesus. “Don’t go in that area.” “There are those people over there.” “You don’t want to be involved over there.” Yet, I wonder, “Who does the Father seek? “

A. Jesus is talking with a Samaritan woman (4:5-15)
+++1. Jesus & his disciples are traveling to Galilee, by way of Samaria!
+++2. They stopped near Sychar, at Jacob’s Well
+++3. The disciples go into the city to get lunch
+++4. Jesus stays at the well
+++5. A Samaritan woman arrives at Noon to get water
+++6. Jesus asks for a drink – surprise, Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman!
+++7. Jesus tells her he has living water for her
+++8. The woman doesn’t know how Jesus would get the living water, since he doesn’t have a bucket. Unless Jesus is greater than Jacob
+++9. She would not be thirsty after drinking the water Jesus would give her, it would actually be a spring of water gushing up to eternal life!
+++10. The Samaritan woman wants this living water!
+++11. He wasn’t supposed to talk with the Samaritan woman. But Jesus did. Not only did he talk with her, he wants to give her something she needs. Who does the Father seek? Those who need what the Father has.

B. Jesus has more for the Samaritan woman (4:16-26)
+++1. Jesus tells the woman to bring her husband
+++2. The Samaritan woman tells Jesus the truth
+++3. Jesus recognizes this as being right and true – he knows our situations!
+++4. The woman recognizes Jesus as a prophet – he knows our situations!
+++5. She begins a conversation about worship
+++6. Jesus says the hour is coming when it won’t matter about the location of worship
+++7. Salvation is from the Jews
+++8. How we worship will matter – especially as the hour approaches
+++===a. True worshipers worship the Father in spirit and truth
++===+b. These are those whom the Father seeks (is that how Jesus found the woman?)
+===++c. God is spirit
+===++d. We must worship him in spirit and truth
+++9. Jesus is the Messiah! He proclaims all things to the Samaritan woman, and to us. Our life on this planet is about worshiping the Father. He has made us. He deserves our praise, our adoration, our time, our money, and our devotion.

C. The woman becomes a witness for Jesus (4:27-42)
+++1. The disciples return and wonder what Jesus is doing
+++2. The woman goes into Sychar and tells about Jesus
+++3. The Samaritans come to Jacob’s Well to see and hear Jesus for themselves
+++4. Jesus tells the disciples that the harvest is being brought in!
+++5. The Samaritans ask Jesus to stay with them for a few days. He does!
+++6. The Samaritans become witnesses for Jesus
+++7. Who does the Father seek? He seeks those who need him. He seeks those who can worship him in spirit and truth. It is those people who become Jesus’ witnesses.

What about us, has the Father sought after us? If we have been sought by the Father, then I believe we have a witness to make about Jesus. We have been those people whom nobody wanted to associate with. We know those people whom nobody wants to associate with. We know those areas where the good people don’t go.

Yet, it sounds like the Father seeks those who will worship him in spirit and truth. We are to tell how Jesus sought us, how Jesus found us. Then people like us will come to know Jesus. They will become witnesses for Jesus.

Who knows, maybe those that the Father seeks will be the ones we seek. As we desire to worship the Father in spirit and truth, then we will want those people with us. May the Father guide us to speak to those who will worship the Father in spirit and truth!


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