Spring Thoughts on the Resurrection

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I don’t know about you, but I am excited about the month of April! Yes, I know there are new blossoms of flowers and the trees are budding. But that is not what excites me about April. Yes, I know I will be able to ride my bicycle in warmer weather. But that is not what excites me. Yes, I know it will be time to be outside mowing the yard. But that is not what excites me. Actually, the mowing of the yard at our home may not excite Benjamin too much, for he is the one who gets to mow the yard!

What excites me about April? This year has April being the month in which we celebrate Resurrection Sunday! Yes, I know the typical person says, “Happy Easter.” As you are discovering, I am not your typical person. Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He was resurrected from the grave. Because of Jesus’ resurrection, I have the hope of resurrection for my life. That hope is about being with God, forever and ever. That hope is about being raised like Jesus, able to walk in the kingdom of God in my spiritual body, my immortal body.

Knowing the resurrection of those who believe in Jesus Christ will occur makes Resurrection Sunday so exciting! The blooms and buds show me that God is still at work. The bicycle riding helps me to see more of God’s creation. Mowing the yard reminds me that because of our sin, we have to maintain this earth, and also God gives us the ability to work. These items are all nice, don’t get me wrong. But the hope of being with and seeing Jesus, there is nothing in comparison!

How much more glorious will the blossoming flowers and the budding trees be after our Resurrection? How splendid will the view be after the Resurrection? How marvelous will be our time in the Kingdom of God when we our work will consist of praising God and telling how God was to us before the Resurrection?

Until the Resurrection occurs, may the resurrection of Jesus inspire our living. Until the Resurrection, may the resurrection of Jesus fill us with hope. Until the Resurrection, may we all be found, as I hope to be found, being . . .

In Christ’s Service,


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