Checking in!


I am glad you have stopped by to check in on me!  Things are going well.  I’m back to bicycling on the road – 2 lane roads, and usually with a group!  I haven’t posted any sermons for a few weeks.  This is mainly because I didn’t preach in the church worship services the week after Easter.  Plus, it was nice to have a break from my blog!

Anyway, God is good.  The United Methodist Church is waiting to hear about a Judicial Council decision regarding questions about Jurisdictions follow the Book of Discipline, or do not follow the Book of Discipline.  Of course, the Jurisdictions follow the lead of the Bishops, the Annual Conferences, clergy, and the local churches.  So, maybe we don’t follow our Book of Discipline very well.

May you know God’s grace this day!




6 thoughts on “Checking in!

  1. No we/they are not following the Book of Discipline or Gods Word. I just don’t understand how or why we arrived to this point. It is so far out of control. If the head of the Council of Bishops is not willing to abide by the Word of God, he needs to be replaced. If they change the Book of Discipline to meet the terms of satan, then I will no longer consider myself a Methodist.
    I have prayed long and hard about this decision and I pray that things get settled according to the Bible and not just the will of some non-christians who hold higher positions and make decisions for us all. My decision is based on scripture.
    Thank you and Gods grace be with you Brother John.


  2. God provided a remnant of Israel during the time of Isaiah’s prophecy. Throughout history, there have been remnants of believers and faith in God has continued to grow.

    As for the head of the Council of Bishops being willing to abide by the Word of God, there are some within the UMC who appear not to be abiding by the Word of God.

    As for me and my house, we will continue to serve Jesus Christ. The theology and doctrine of the UMC is consistent with the Bible. Our practice of the theology and doctrine of the UMC might not always be consistent with the Bible.

    I don’t think God is finished with the people called Methodists.


  3. One sometimes wonder who we follow or if we follow at all… But I am glad to know that you are well. You are in my prayers.


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